Parking solutions for a smarter world

All over the world, parking needs to change rapidly to keep pace with smart cities of the future. Developed nations see declining personal vehicle ownership but most developing countries are in the early stages of their motorisation life cycle. The Smart parking industry is expected to double in the next 5 years but parking solutions need to be more affordable & flexible to be more widely adopted by everyone and reduce the pain caused by disorganised parking, congestion, parking violations and fuel emissions.


GetParking PMS

24m+ parking events

Future-proof & fool-proof Parking Management System; semi to fully automated


~98% recognition accuracy

Affordable License Plate Recognition / Automated Number Plate Recognition


3 seconds per vehicle

Fully automated high-speed entry terminals with drive-thru access



Supports almost any boom barrier

Automate opening and closing of boom barriers using cameras, QR or RFID


Supports all vehicles and speeds

Cloud connected vehicle counting and classification


Programmable VMS displays

Parking availability, charges & guidance and even welcome / marketing messages


Overhead, multimedia parking sensor

Single space occupancy with "Find my car" feature for guidance during exit


Digital payments simplified

Self-service, account-linked, pre-paid and post-paid payments with automated alerts


3 seconds per vehicle

Fully automated high speed exit terminals with drive-thru access


2x faster cash collection

High speed exit terminals for cashiers with option to scan shopping bills


App and Web based Valet Parking system

Save time and money on your valet parking operations, make your customers happier

Citizen Apps

White-labelled Android and iOS apps

Find, book, use or pay for parking. On-street, Off-street, Public or Private and even Valet



Off-street parking

On-street parking

Valet parking

Vehicle to building





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