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Our mission is to build the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable Parking Management System you will ever use

35 million parking events,

9 cities...

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Why GetParking PMS?



On-device, On-premise, Cloud, Private Data Center or Hybrid

From a cheap RaspberryPi; a smartphone; a dockerised cloud server; to your own private data centre servers, you can run the system on the most optimal hardware. What's more, we will tell you the minimal hardware needed so you can save money & conserve energy.



Containerised, Microservices, DevOps, APIs, User Management, Policies, Promotions

User needs and system complexity are growing everyday, but that doesn't mean deploying a PMS should be difficult or complex. Our PMS is easy to deploy & update remotely and the devices & infrastructure can also be managed remotely.



Hardware, IoT devices, Parkers, APIs, Aggregators, System Integrators, Partners

Plugin your Barriers, Displays, Cameras, Readers & Scanners. Whether it’s sensors, actuators or any kind of Human Machine Interface (access control systems, pay on foot terminals, ticket vending machines, payment validators), interoperability is built-in.



MIS, Reports, Business metrics, Operational analytics, User analytics, Insights, Anomalies

Reporting dashboards, Operational Analytics, Admin dashboards & User analytics help you find answers for any questions related to your parking asset management & utilisation, customer activity, operations, system and application performance.


Ready for

Manage Privacy & Compliance, Track policy violations, Continuous assessment

Let your users and customers manage and control their data to achieve full legal compliance. More importantly, earn the trust of your users, customers and partners.



Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Certification

Whether you want to optimise your parking space, energy utilisation or user journeys; good design, sound architecture & solid engineering can help you maximise the value and marketability of your property.



Marketplace, System Integrator database, Vendor & Bid management, Billing & receivables management

Our PMS is a full end-to-end solution - we include a marketplace that connects you with the best Parking operators around your property. We also train & onboard the staff of the operator you choose for free.


Mobility for

Automated Off-street/Street/Valet parking & enforcement; smart building integrations to automated curb management, CASE, MAAS

Make cities smarter with our range of solutions for Semi-automated and fully automated street, off-street and surface parking; Valet parking digitalisation; Road signages / Asset tracking; Curb management; E-charging integrations, Shared mobility; Mobility-as-a-service, Connected vehicles etc.

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