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We build parking solutions for Developing and Developed countries. Our mission is to democratize access to parking technology by making it much more affordable, flexible, seamless and compatible with the future of mobility.


26 million parking events

32 million parking events

10 cities

5 customer segments


As a Parker, you can

Find parking

Find parking near your destination, before you start your trip or even just a few seconds before you reach.

Pick your lot

Choose where you want to park based on price, user ratings, availability, distance and amenities provided.

Get a spot

Save time when looking for spots in a crowded parking lot or street. Don't circle endlessly, know exactly where to go

Save money

Pick the lot with the best rates based on your expected parking duration. Get cashbacks, offers and discounts

Book your spot

"Will I get parking?" is a question you may ask yourself every now and then. Book in advance for an assured spot and drive without a worry.

Pay easily

Paying for parking should be simple and fast, whether you want to pay in advance, use valet, extend your time or leave quickly

Find your car

Can't remember where you parked? Use our parking guidance solutions to find your vehicle; outdoors or indoors.

Live better

Parking isn't great for cities. Become part of an effort to organise it, so you help create a better world for all citizens.



At GetParking we use Computer vision and Internet Of Things augmented with Machine learning to give you the most affordable parking solutions for the following segments

 Parking lots: Parking garages, Multi-level car parks, Pay and parks

Retail: Shopping Malls, Departmental stores, High street retail

Government and Public services: Smart Cities, Municipalities, On-street parking

Real Estate: Offices, Corporate / IT Parks, Mixed-use properties

Residential: Townships, Gated communities

Mobility: Airports, Train and Metro stations, Bus stations

Hospitality and entertainment: Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs, Banquets

Events: Conference and Exhibition centers, Theaters, Stadiums

Places of interest: Tourist spots, Places of worship, Landmarks

Healthcare: Hospitals

Education: Universities, Schools


Our solutions are used by Real estate developers, Property Management companies, Parking Operators and Contractors, Valet Parking Operators etc.


If you wish to contact us for further information, write us an e-mail at support@getparking.in



Off-street parking

On-street parking

Valet parking

Vehicle to building






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